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bullet Email with PDF Content de morientess
Hey. I would like to send an email that contains a pdf document in it so not Atachi method simply open the document to see the acesarea already receiving the e-mail would be grateful if I get help in aceastra problem. Esteem
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24-10-2012 18:33:15
Variant 1
Find a site that allows displaying PDF directly there in the form of slideshow.
Also, this site should enable and embed. Chicken there
PDF file, get the embed code, put it in the mail (attention: you have to edit the HTML email).
Send mail.


You Version 2 PDF to HTML Conversion: www. pdfonline. com/convert-pdf-to-html/

downloaded HTML.
If you and pictures into PDF, you should put the server online, something like www. imageshack. us
Then edit the HTML file, edit links pictures, put them on the www. imageshack. us
You get the HTML source, put in mail (attention: you have to edit the HTML email).
Send mail.

It is not easy. 
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06-04-2013 10:20:07
how to make huawei HG655b as accesspoint
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07-11-2013 13:56:40
hello,I have a count a long time way don t  let me in too play?tank you  
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