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bullet Golf III 1.8 de nike107
Hi, I have a problem with a GOLF III 1.8 simple engine. When the engine is cold, it goes well, after 10 minutes when it heats, go only in three pistons, piston one does not work, I thought it any valve or soot on her crooked or broken piston, I gave chiuloasa down, everything is okay is good piston valves are crooked, the piston one I put gasoline in their Hulk, do not run anything, do not know what may have. I mention in speed as it goes but does not work at idle speed piston 1, do not consume oil, gasoline, have not changed not crossed my mind, cover from delcou, it can be in that? Thanks a lot.
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27-06-2015 19:25:55
It would be good to go to a service.
It may be something all the pistons, but the problem occurs only when heat up and expand. 
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