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bullet cost route: Bucharest, Aix-en-Provence de olganicoara

How can I get from Bucharest in Aix-en-Provence? I want to know the shortest route regardless of combinations of intermediate means of transport possible, but also a cost approximately.

Honorable mention: you travel during the summer.

Merci beaucoup!
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19-03-2006 16:11:46
1. Take a nice plane from Bucharest to Paris. I am sure that it is easy to understand when, how and how much you (
2. The Paris plane or train up to Marseilles-Provence
3. From find that ...

Is there transportation to Aix en Provence airport?

Yes, there's a shuttle service that does the round trip between Aix and Marseille-Provence airport several times a day.

Is there transportation to the TGV high-speed train station in Aix en Provence?

Shuttle buses connect the station with TGV Aix en Provence and Marseille-Provence airport every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes at peak times).

Do not underestimate the power of Google!
And the question that deserves more than 5 points ... I know that I did not answer the note 10, but believe me I spent about 30 minutes aflind why and how ... even so, for the most successful ...! ! 
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