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bullet monastery de Dana
I heard that in Romania there is a monastery where they are not allowed at all and where women do not eat meat at all ... there such a thing? Does anyone know where he is, what is called ... etc? Something worth ... even seen far:)
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17-02-2006 12:48:49
The monastery is calling ash, is the monks, of course, is in jud.Valcea, loc.Muereasca-actually a village-23 km northwest of Peterborough, there are road-Rm.Valcea Calimanesti, branch MUEREASCA mouth of the river, then the road forest to manastire.Dar anyway you can not go because women have not voieJ in contrast, look what I also know: old church is the patron saint John the Baptist (January 7.), built of wood and Stefan Ilarion monks in 1710, rebuilt the wall builder valceni family Iovipalli, between 1762 and 1873, painted by Theodore Zugravul in 1763; painting preserved until today, next to the entrance hall of 1848 (Eparhia Rāmnicului and Arges, He II, 1976), the large church is the patron Assumption Day (August 15), built in the shape of the castle precincts by Calin Sf.Ierarh from Cernica between 1860 and 1863, painted in oil Gh.Tattarescu style of painter Misu Pop, wash in 1968; chapel with the patron Holy Trinity (the day after Pentecost), founded by Gherasim Safire, bishop of Romania (1910-1911) (AMO, 1941); athonit monastic regime, prohibit entry female sex, dietary austere, no meat; Gospels silver old religious books, the only monastery in the country exempt from secularization; xenodochium (ie library of religious books). 
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17-02-2006 13:24:12
I hope to thank my answer ... and the monasteries, from November at least, you can ask me anything:) In my youth I have been through something they .. .. or at whatever:) 
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17-02-2006 13:31:28
Bravo. I was not expecting so much more ... than I would like to get there ... maybe get some photos ...
Thank you very much.
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17-02-2006 14:08:58
And I thank you and ... just watch those pictures, that is not too far away yet so that even the locals watching the monks of torture) not gets hurt! You know that talking seriously.
Good luck 
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04-04-2006 14:40:41
Hermitage Ash Valcea County. 
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