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bullet motherboard + housing de pcnewb
I bought a mini-tower housing as you said, and my ATX motherboard does not fit into it based ATX motherboards do not fit in mini-tower housing. . . . . . if I could at least return the case . . . what ATX motherboard mini / micro to buy to be compatible with some processors / graphics cards for gaming?
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27-06-2015 14:19:50
Well, why not fit?
Does not fit at all?
Or screw holes do not fit?

Why can you not return the case?

There are 18,765 mini / micro Gaming ATX boards and 34,767 processors / graphics cards for gaming.
If you wait a bit, I will guess what processors and video boards you want to match.
And more, I will also guess exactly what housing you got. 
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27-06-2015 15:28:16
It fits, enter the housing, but it is too long and covers a little of the place where to put the source. Housing is a Zalman ZM-T3, and I chose not to return because I will buy a new motherboard and processor to it, the ones that I have now are borrowed. I thought for gaming are recommended only ATX motherboards.

For now I have a Nvidia GTX 460, but I am curious if fit the housing latest and larger video cards. And if they are compatible on a Micro ATX. I figure processor size does not matter since I will leave the factory cooler.

Tell me please a Micro ATX motherboard (or mini) as cheap as possible, but to have some decent specifications (SATA 3, 1000 MB/s net etc) . Socket whichever you think it is more profitable, I am thinking to take an i5 or hexacore. Basically, I do not know to what to watch when I want to buy a motherboard. 
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27-06-2015 15:39:27
The other question I told you about 3 times to choose several housings and to check size once again.
But you did not.
If you would have said that housing choice, I would have seen that only fit motherboards Micro ATX / Mini ITX.

It has no relationship the size of a piece with the purpose it is used for.

In this case enter video cards of maximum 250 ~ 300 mm.
So when choosing video card, look at the size and see if it fits.
Same for motherboards: Micro ATX or Mini ATX.

Motherboards - choose which you like and for which you have budget - see to have PCI Express 3.0:

Processor - here the choice is much simpler:

The video card - is the most important in games.
But you did not say what budget you have, so I have nothing to recommend more accurate.
See the sites do not write the size, so you have to search on Google.  
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27-06-2015 15:41:20
Take care, the housing might have some limitations:
- CPU Fan maximum 140mm, measured from the motherboard (ie with all the processor).
Probably cooler maximum 12 cm
- source of max 250 mm (here does not write exactly . . . . look at pictures on other sites) 
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27-06-2015 16:25:02
The video card I prefer to be up to 600 lei.

Why did you choose intel between that company and AMD?

On this site, AMD FX-4350 (519 lei) is 36 in the top while i5-4460 (first on emag - 899lei) is on 62nd . . 
* Author answer
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27-06-2015 16:58:50
The i5 processor is more suitable for games.
No game uses more than 4 cores, so hexacore is useless.
On that site are General Test, universal, not particular for games.

Look here - at performance wins Intel.
Overclock not interested, value means that Intel is more expensive, not related to performance:

Same here, win still Intel:

On both sites, the performance difference is 10-20% for Intel.
But the price difference is 75% for Intel, ie much higher.
You decide if you want Intel or AMD - performance or price.
If you change the processor, the motherboard needs to be changed too.

Unfortunately, at 600 lei there is no performant gaming video card.
The GTX 750 model is already at medium / weak level.
You can see here various tests:  
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Comment of:
27-06-2015 17:30:38
And about how much costs a performance video card (= to support the ultra games launched now)? And what would that be?

And what is the difference between nVidia and Radeon, to video cards? (I know that is pretty general, but probably there are some differences) 
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Comment of:
27-06-2015 17:35:58
Pretty expensive:

The difference between nVidia and Radeon is that they are two different companies, two different technologies.
The question is too general. 
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Comment of:
27-06-2015 18:27:15
What do you recommend between Nvidia and radeon, 2 cards at the same price / level for example, and why? 
* Author answer
Comment of:
27-06-2015 18:38:12
I always recommend nVidia.
There are more games optimized for NVIDIA.
Just as processors:
- nVidia, like Intel - more expensive, colder, more performant
- AMD, as processors - cheaper, more hot, performance the same or less (sometimes). 
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Comment of:
27-06-2015 18:39:27
However, your question is again confused "2 cards at the same price / level".
What cards???
What Price ???
There are 187,675 video card models . . . . I say to choose once already, no matter how you choose, put your finger and see where you hit.
But you should choose something, to have a starting point.
Maybe you choose budget: RON 200 (for example).
Still well, so we have a starting point. 
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Comment of:
27-06-2015 20:41:37
here is a comparison: - that is ASUS, there is also Gigabyte / MSI / Saphire
- by the way, which of those manufacturers is better? or it does not matter? -also many manufacturers 
* Author answer
Comment of:
27-06-2015 20:47:29
You mean this:,836903

As you can see, have about the same performance.

On various sites is recommended GTX 750.
Search on youtube, games that you like on the 2 video cards.
Do not write the whole name, write only model: Asus R7 250X or R7 250X only . . . . . I hope you understand. 
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