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bullet replacing motherboard de madalinaharsan
Good evening! I have a computer with broken motherboard. The problem is that I do not find an identical one to replace it because the computer is older.
How can I do to put hardware on another motherboard without reinstalling Windows because on the hard is a very important program?
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30-06-2015 09:41:39
99% you can not.
When you mount the hard drive on another computer (this is basically another computer), Windows will begin to reinstall all related drivers and 99% will give errors that it can not surpass.
I suppose you had Windows XP. It certainly will manifest as above.
If it was Windows 7, you had a fair chance to work.

But you had to tell the old motherboard model, any model can be found secondhand.
It does NOT have a to be identical but one compatible.
Compatible with the other older components.
For example, here: 
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