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bullet traveling without passport de Sadds
Hello. In 2 months will organize a trip to Hungary and Hungary is in the EU as it can go just with ID card. I am interested if I can pass unaccompanied (no parents). I am 16.
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23-01-2013 13:35:06
Romanian citizens under the age of 18 years can not travel abroad unaccompanied. Minor children can leave the country if they meet one of the following conditions:
-are accompanied by both parents;
-be accompanied by a parent in his possession, as appropriate, one of the following documents:
- statement the other parent, notarized statement the notary, proving the consent on the holiday.
- Death certificate of the other parent
- final judgment of custody etc.
-are accompanied by an adult owned personal criminal record certificate and certified statement from both parents which shows their agreement on the holiday.

So, you must have these documents to parents:
- criminal record in your name - certified statement from both parents which shows their agreement on the holiday - are the notary 
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